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Kaung Kyaw Khine is one of the leading contemporary artists in Myanmar, born in 1982 in Sittwe, Rakhine. He was raised in a family with strong cultural roots, as his father was a former art teacher and his mother was a school teacher. From a young age, Kaung Kyaw Khine was exposed to traditional Rakhine music and dance, which would later influence his artwork.

In 2003, Kaung Kyaw Khine enrolled in the Yangon State School of Fine Arts and was taught by some of the best artists in Myanmar, such as U Than Kywe, U Win Tint, U Maung Oo, and U Kyaw Thu Rein. After graduation in 2006, he dedicated himself to the arts, focusing on the traditional Rakhine drums, which he is highly obsessed with. He has even taught others how to play the Rakhine drums and has performed at various Rakhine traditional ceremonies.

Kaung Kyaw Khine’s love for the Rakhine drums comes from his childhood, as his father was an artist, dancer, and musician. He expresses this love through his artwork, as he paints the drums to share the Rakhine traditions with others. He has been recognized for his strong lines and brushes that express the deep emotions of the figures in his paintings.

In his “Memories of Mural” series, he portrays the peaceful teachings of Buddha, using cool and calm colors. The “At the Tea Shop” series represents his view on how tea shops and people in Myanmar are connected through social, cultural, and daily life. In his “Waiting for” series, he depicts individuals waiting for better health, education, economy, and a better life amidst uncertainty.

Kaung Kyaw Khine has held three solo exhibitions locally, and his artwork has been displayed in several shows internationally in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, New Zealand, and the United States. His works have also been displayed in numerous group exhibitions, including “The Donkey Stand” Art Exhibition, “Pictures of Transition” Contemporary Paintings from Myanmar, “Beauty of Varieties” Art Exhibition, “Rakhine Retrospective,” and “Colourful Steps” Art Exhibition.

In conclusion, Kaung Kyaw Khine is a multi-talented artist who has been recognized for his dedication to preserving the Rakhine culture through his artwork. He is not only an expert in painting but also in traditional Rakhine music and dance, which makes him a unique and exceptional artist. His works continue to inspire and captivate audiences, making him one of the most prominent artists in Myanmar.



“Our Rakhine culture is incomplete without these drums. We include drums in all kinds of occasions, from social celebrations to athletic events. The Rakhine drum is at the heart of our culture. I grew up with drums, given that my father is an artist, dancer, and musician. Perhaps this is why drums influence my psyche so heavily. This has translated into my paintings. I paint them out of a desire to share Rakhine traditions with others.”



Solo Exhibitions

2019 – ‘Waiting for..’ Solo Show, Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon
2017 – ‘At the Tea Shop’ Solo Show, Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon
2015 – ‘Still Motion’ Solo Show, Studio Square, Yangon
2012 – ‘Melodious Plane’ Solo Show, Studio Square, Yangon

Group Exhibitions

2019 – ‘K Brothers’ Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2019 – ‘The Donkey Stand’ Art Exhibition, The Yangon Gallery, Yangon
2019 – ‘Poetry of Brush and Lines’, Taiwan-Myanmar Cultural Exchange, Pansuriya Gallery, Yangon
2019 – ‘Strokes of Peace’ Art Exhibition, Maharzan Gallery, Yangon
2019 – ‘Pictures of Transition’ Contemporary Paintings from Myanmar, The Australian National University
2018 – ‘Beauty of Varieties’ Art Exhibition, Gallery 65, Yangon
2018 – ‘Poetry of Brush and Ink’, Taiwan-Myanmar Art and Culture Exchange Exhibition, Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon
2018 – ‘Sketches of Chin Hill’ Art Exhibition, OK Gallery, Yangon
2017 – ‘A Tale of Traditions’ Art Exhibition, Art Ant Gallery, Yangon
2017 – ‘Myanmar Rising’ Group Show, Paris, France
2016 – ‘Rakhine Retrospective’, Think Gallery, Yangon
2015 – ‘Dancing Hue’ Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2015 – 100% Donation to the Victims of Flooded People Art Exhibition, Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon
2014 – Contemporary Artists from Myanmar, Dubai
2014 – ‘Gallery Mandalay’ Opening Ceremony Show, Mandalay
2013 – ‘Golden Land’ Art Exhibition, ‘New Idea’ Art Gallery, Yangon
2013 – ‘Northern Breeze’ Annual Art Exhibition (From 2013 to 2018), Bogyoke Market, Yangon
2013 – ‘Deconstructing Burma’ Art Exhibition, Art in Effect Galleries, Bangkok
2013 – ‘The Ladies’ Art Exhibition, Pansodan Gallery, Yangon
2013 – ‘Exhibition for Kachin Refugees Fund’ French Institute, Yangon
2013 – ‘Beyond the City’ Contemporary Art Show, Star City Sales Gallery, Yangon
2012 – ‘Colourful Steps’ Art Exhibition, Garden Home Gallery, Yangon
2012 – ‘July Images’ Art Exhibition for NLD Gratis Education Network, Yangon
2011 – ‘Snow Set’ Art Exhibition, Ministry of Culture Gallery, Yangon
2011 – ‘The Givers’ Art Exhibition for Giri Cyclone Victims, Ministry of Culture Gallery, Yangon
2010 – ‘Silk Road’ Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon


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